The Experience

A path leads into the dark
Away from the world you know
The only way out is through

The Path

Dreadwood is a half mile hike through the woods of Wisconsin. The dirt path is dark and unpaved with occasional rocks, tree roots and washouts. The path travels uphill and downhill with many sections that are completely black. Patrons will tour Dreadwood with a guide in groups of 8-14 people depending your group size and number of customers in line. Groups must hold onto a rope for safety.

Physical Health

You must be physically fit enough to hike up and down a trail through the woods for about a half mile (approx. 25 min).


Pregnant women should use their own discretion on whether to hike the trail based on the descriptions above.


We cannot accommodate patrons on crutches due to the nature of the trail and the fact that all visitors must hang onto a rope.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Our trail through the woods is not wheelchair accessible.

Clothing Attire / Shoes

  • Dreadwood is entirely outside. It is possible that you will be outside for several hours due to lines and the hike through. Please dress warmly.
  • Our woods, sets, and characters are dirty. Please dress in clothing and wear shoes that can handle dirt smudges in case you bump into a tree, set props, or characters.
  • Please wear warm, comfortable shoes or boots. Avoid high heels and sandals. We are not responsible for cold feet and broken stilettos. We also reserve the right to refuse admittance for your safety.


Please secure valuables or leave them in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Character Interaction

Our characters will not grab you but they may bump into you or brush up against you.


All patrons must sign a waiver before entering Dreadwood Haunted Forest. Please view our waiver here: Dreadwood Haunted Forest Waiver ›

Age Restriction

Our haunt is for ages 13 and older. We do not ID kids, but if they look too young to enter the haunt we will refuse admittance.

Wait Time

With radio mentions and articles being published about the good charity work we do during the Halloween season, wait times to enter the haunt are increasing. Once you enter our long narrow driveway, it is very difficult to turn around and leave. Please be prepared for the possibility of a long wait before coming to Dreadwood.

Wait times vary based on which weekend or day you choose, as well as the time you show up. Historically, Dreadwood gets busier later in the month, particularly on Saturdays.

Historical Wait Times by Weekend

First weekend: 0 to 45 minutes
Second weekend: 30 min to 2.5 hours
Third weekend: 1 hour to 3 hours
Fourth weekend: 1 hour to 3 hours

Please note that wait times could be longer this season due to this being Dreadwood's final season.

Arriving at Dreadwood

Due to the limited size of our parking lot, you may end up waiting in your car along our .75 mile long driveway before securing a parking space.

Ticket line

Once parked, proceed to our ticket line to sign a waiver, turn in a food donation for a discount, and purchase tickets.

Trail line

Once tickets have been purchased, you will be directed to the line to enter the haunt.


Our parking lot is small, unpaved, and lit by firelight. We recommend carpooling and driving vehicles that can handle gravel roads and grassy parking lots.


  • Tickets are available for purchase on location only. No pre-sales. No online sales.
  • We accept cash and credit.
  • We do not offer refunds.
  • We do not offer group discounts.
  • Coupons must be printed. Coupons shown on a phone will not be accepted (first two weekends only).
  • PLEASE hang on to your ticket. It is difficult to reconcile situations where people lose their tickets.

Photo and Video

Photos and video recordings of our haunt is strictly forbidden.


All participants must sign a waiver.

Our attraction is intended for adults. Children under the age of 13 will not be admitted.

If you are pregnant, have a history of epileptic seizures, a heart condition or other serious medical condition, please do not enter.

You may encounter:

  • Strobe lighting
  • Extreme visual effects, graphic imagery, and gore.
  • Claustrophobic spaces.
  • Intense sounds.
  • Uneven ground.
  • Fog effects.
  • Extreme darkness.
  • Startle scares.

We encourage you to dress appropriately for a walk in the woods in late autumn. It may be cold, and the path will be dark and unpaved. We retain the right to refuse admittance if necessary for your safety.